Wedding Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Our Guide

While wedding dresses get a lot of hype and attention, many often forget a whole other arena of fun fashion: the wedding groom and groomsmen attire! The gentlemen get a series of accessories that can personalized as much as they want, from pocket squares to ties to their funny socks. More and more grooms are choosing to incorporate personal details throughout these pieces. Below is our complete guide to wedding groom and groomsmen attire, along with some ideas for how you can personalize your accessories for the big day!

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Step 1: Suits & Tuxedos

If you’re going for a traditional or formal look, or have always wanted to look like James Bond on your wedding day, a classic black and white tuxedo with a bowtie is the way to go.

But if you’re doing a more casual, modern wedding, a suit definitely fits the bill. The fun thing about suits is you can coordinate them or mix them up with your groomsmen – maybe the groomsmen wear dark grey suits while the groom wears light grey to stand out. Who says the bride is the only one that gets to stand out?

Step 2: Ties & Bowties

The choice between a tie and bowtie is mostly about the style of your wedding combined with your choice of suit or tux. If you’re going with a tuxedo, you definitely want to go with a formal bowtie.

But that doesn’t mean suit = no bowtie; there’s definitely a trend building of quirky bowties with suits for a more unique and hipster-y look at your wedding.

Floral Hipster Bowtie Diamond Where to Buy | Wedding Groom and Groomsmen Attire Guide Advice Tips Wedding Planning
Nottingham Diamond Tip Bow Tie

But if you’re going with a suit and having a more traditional ceremony, a necktie is the way to go.

Overall, it’s up to you the look you want to go for! Ties and bowties can be a great way to express your personality, but if you’re trying to be subtle, they are best coordinated with the color scheme and bridesmaids’ dresses.

Step 3: Belts & Suspenders

Next up, you’ll need to figure out what will be keeping your groom and groomsmen’s pants up – a simple detail that can be very important, unless you want your groom fixing his pants throughout the vows.

Traditionally, a belt that matches the shoes is worn, but lately there has been a movement towards bringing back suspenders.

Generally suspenders are more popular at weddings going for a vintage or rustic chic vibe, but if you like the look, no one can stop you!

Step 4: Cufflinks

If you’re not used to wearing cufflinks, they’re an easy accessory to forget. But on your wedding day, you should definitely be sporting them – they’re a traditional addition with a lot of fun possibilities!

They can also make a great gift for your groomsmen, based on your shared interests.

Step 5: Socks

This is probably our favorite touch to add to a wedding, because you can make it as obvious or hidden as you want!

You can get matching socks for all your groomsmen or match them along a theme – maybe everyone wears personalized socks for their favorite sports team, or for their favorite comic book character.

Step 6: Shoes

While not the most noticeable detail of the wedding groom and groomsmen attire, the shoes are important – they’re the type of thing that you only notice if they’re absolutely wrong. If you’re going with a tuxedo, we recommend going for the classic patent leather black shoes (lace-up, not loafers).

However, if you’re going with a suit, you have a lot more options! Below we’ve made a helpful color coordination chart, so you know which color shoes go with which color suits.

Suit & Shoe Color Pairing Guide | Wedding Groom and Groomsmen Attire Guide Advice Tips Wedding Planning

Step 7: Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres are generally the responsibility of the florist: 99% of the time, they will be bringing fresh flowers to pin on each guy on the day of the wedding. However, if you’re feeling especially rebellious, you can absolutely deviate from the expected florist-provided boutonnieres. One option would be using silk or satin fake flowers.

You could also opt to make your own super-unique boutonnieres from themed materials, such as these fun boutonnieres with added superhero Lego mini figures.

Step 8: The Watch

Finally, the watch! It has practically become part of the tradition now for the groom’s gift on the day-of to be a watch. Is it required? Absolutely not! But if the last thing you want to worry about on the day of your wedding is whether or not your groom will like his last-minute gift, this is an easy one that he can wear down the aisle. And hey, there’s plenty of room to rebel within tradition – there are lots of unique watches out there that any guy would be thrilled to receive on his wedding day.

We hope that you found this guide to wedding groom and groomsmen attire helpful! Be sure to check out our other articles, for budget wedding planning, cheap DIY wedding favors, and unique wedding favors listed by price.