10 Mother Daughter Wedding Photos You’ll Want to Capture

It’s Mother’s Day, and what better way to celebrate the unique relationship our rebel brides have with their mothers (or as mothers) than with some mother daughter wedding photos! Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity for you to make plans with your mom about what mother-daughter wedding photos you’d like to capture on the big day. For those that feel very close to their mothers (or are mothers themselves), these photos can be an inspiration for you to show that authentic, shared love on your wedding day.

I. Getting Ready – PJ’s & Robes

How cute is this – you and your mom in pajamas or robes, before the getting ready really gets started! It’s like a throwback to all your times together, both of you in pajamas, her reading you a book, or the two of you talking about what’s going on.

II. Getting Ready – Corsets & Veils

One of the most classic mother-daughter wedding photos you can get – and that your photographer will probably set up for you – is your mother lacing you into your corset, or putting on your veil. It’s a beautiful moment to show how close you are, and shows your mother getting you ready to send you off on your way.

III. Bride & Baby – For Brides who are Mothers

Of course, there’s another side to the mother-daughter wedding photos – when the mothers are the brides! There’s a whole world of adorable pictures you can get with your little guy or gal, so check these fun ones out for some inspiration!

IV. Fun Candids

While you obviously can’t plan on a great candid photo, you can definitely look for a photographer that is used to capturing these great unplanned moments! Our favorites are the looks of excitement shared between you and your mom, but there the name of the game is options – with the right photographer, you’ll have endless possibilities.

V. Loving Embrace

These can be either candid or posed – some of the most moving photos you’ll take on your wedding day will be completely unplanned. But while a kiss on the forehead or hug can definitely be planned, the emotional response can be a surprise.

VI. Holding Hands

This is another one that can be posed but could easily bring some fun candid responses. From holding hands from behind while getting ready, to a sort of high five excited hand hold, to a graceful and statuesque hand hold in a garden, to simply holding hands and facing one another in preparation of what’s to come, these photos hold lots of inspiration for simple mother-daughter moments.

VII. The Ride Over

Mom isn’t always in the car ride over, but if you want her to be there with you in your final before moments, this can be a perfect opportunity for some quiet time together. Capture that moment of the two of you in the car, without any of the distractions of the rest of the wedding.

VII. Final Moments Before the Aisle

Chances are that if you’re close, your mom is going to be the last person that sees you before you walk down the aisle. Ask the photographer to get one last shot of the two of you before you take off into your marital journey. Maybe she’s fixing your clothing or just sharing one last hug – whatever it is, let it be a genuine capture of your emotions before the big moment.

IX. Walking Down Aisle

Traditionally, the bride is walked down the aisle by her father – but you’re a rebel! If you feel that it’s more fitting to be walked down the aisle by your mother, or maybe both parents, absolutely go for it! (Of course, if you’re doing a traditional Jewish ceremony, you’ll already be walking with both parents.) It’s your day, you can walk down the aisle with whomever you want!

X. Dance Floor

Again, traditionally, there is a father-daughter dance at the reception. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a mother-daughter dance in addition or instead! And if you’re sticking to tradition on that one, make sure you save a dance for mom later in the night, to get a beautiful dance floor shot together.

We hope that these photos provided some inspiration and mother-daughter feels for your upcoming wedding day! Let us know in the comments what other mother daughter wedding photos you’re thinking about including on your day! If you need help planning the other aspects of your wedding, check out our guide to budget wedding planning, our guide to cheap DIY wedding favors, and our list of wedding favors for any budget.