13 Unique Ideas for Bridal Party Gifts

As your Big Day approaches, there are a lot of last minute decisions. Photo booth or no? When do you hand out gratuities, and to whom? And of course, what you are going to get those lovely ladies that have been by your side through it all? Luckily, we’ve done the searching for you! Here’s our list of 13 unique ideas for bridal party gifts. They range in price, but none really break the bank. Our favorite aspect is that a lot of them can be personalized, so you can put each bridesmaid’s name or initial on their gift! These gifts can be a perfect way for your gal pals to remember your wedding day with fondness.

1. Classic Black and White Monogrammed Initial Tote Bag

These tote bags could be the perfect thing to give your girlfriends the night before, so they can keep all their wedding day supplies close at hand. They’re super cute, personalized, and overall, a perfect gift.

2. Floral Wedding Survival Kit

We love the concept behind this kit! It’s everything your bridesmaids might need for wardrobe or hair emergencies: a manicure set, tweezers, scissors, nail file, hair ties, bobby pins, clothing tape, oil absorbing wipes, even a sewing kit! Plus it’s super cute.

3. Barware Gift Set in Clear Acrylic Cocktail Shaker

You know your bridesmaids, and you know whether this kit would go to good use or sit on a shelf for eternity. Personally? If I got this, I’d be thrilled. There’s lots of fun items that can make your bridesmaids feel like bartenders, and can possibly be used at the reception!

4. “The Girls” Frame

If you have a super-cute photo of all of you together, or if you plan on sending everyone a copy of a wedding photo, this is a perfect and simple gift! It’s got a fun rustic chic burlap bow, and the simple “the girls” caption works perfectly for any photo you choose to include.

5. Unicorn 12 oz Mug with Gold Foil Horn

Oh my goodness. What can I say about this unicorn mug, besides that it is the cutest possible bridesmaid gift on here. You might want to order a couple extras for everyone else that will inevitably be jealous of your bridal party.

6. Personalized Striped Weekender Tote

I know, didn’t we already have a tote? But this one has the full name personalization, and it’s more of a “weekend away” bag, which is a great gift for bridesmaids that you know love to travel. It’s cute, it’s functional, what’s not to love?

7. Live Love Cheese Acacia & Slate Cheese Board Set

If you have a bridal party that loves cheese and loves kitchen sets, this is a super cool cheese board with cutting utensils hidden inside. It’s fashionable, functional, and very fun for cheese lovers.

8. Personalized Turkish Throw Blanket

Turkish blankets are some of the softest ones out there, and these ones come with names on them! These would be a great bridesmaid gift for a fall or winter wedding, to keep your bridesmaids warm through the reception and onward.

9. Floating Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Definitely one of the classier bridesmaid gifts we found, this fresh water pearl necklace is simple, beautiful, and hard not to love. What’s even better, all of your bridesmaids can wear the matching necklaces on your wedding day. It’s a perfect way to add one last bit of coordination to their outfits!

10. Bride Squad Printed 16 oz Acrylic Tumbler

Another useful gift for the day of, these super cute Bride Squad tumblers can be the perfect way for your bridesmaids to keep their beverages with them all day. We love anything that reduces single-use plastics, and this eliminates the need to buy a big pack of water bottles for your wedding day.

11. The I Do Crew Gift Set

While it’s similar to the emergency kit, this “I Do Crew” gift set is more about fun gifts than emergencies. It includes hair ties, a shot glass, a drink koozie, and the sparkly bag. These are definitely all items that could be used the day of, or after!

12. Elegant Lace Kimono Robe – Pink

This one is a pretty classic bridesmaid gift now – robes! These are the perfect kimono-style robes to wear the morning of as you’re all getting hair and make-up done, and will lead to some perfectly coordinated getting ready pictures.

13. Team Bride Canvas Tote (Personalization Available)

Finally, it’s simple but useful: a basic black canvas tote that says “Team Bride”. It’s a more budget-friendly alternative to the other two bags, but works just as well to carry around day-of necessities. However, in comparison, the other two would definitely have more future use, whereas this bag is pretty much just for the wedding day.

We hope that this guide has been helpful on your search for unique ideas for bridal party gifts! Remember that it’s always the thought that counts, and a simple gift with a heartfelt handwritten card can mean a lot more than anything else. You know your girls, and you know what they would enjoy!

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